HUGE Update!

I have moved to my own hosting and took control of everything! So, head over here to follow me there!



This is something I have been wanting to follow for a while. I may have came up with this, or maybe I heard this somewhere and my subconcious is working. Who cares?! I love it! So, here it goes.

Do  you look at the work of  your colleagues/competition (including how they run their business) and long “to be like them”? Do  you find yourself getting so caught up in one competitor in particular it drives you batty? Well, it’s good to be driven by competition. It’s what keeps companies on their toes to always better their product and their service. But don’t be so obsessed with your competition that you lose sight of what you really should be aiming for: your dream. Whatever that may be.

So here’s my challenge for  you:

  1. Dream it: if  you don’t already have one, create the image of your dream. Write out in detail what you want for your business and your life. Attach some pictures to it. Make it real.
  2. Set it: Set a date for when you plan to achieve that dream. It may be one year. Two years. Twenty years. But SET A DATE.
  3. Forget ’em: That is, your competition. For one month, don’t look at any competitor’s work, read any article or forum posts about a competitor, etc. Put all your energy and effort into figuring out what’s necessary to achieveyour dream. (Note: if you can’t go a whole month, at LEAST try two weeks).Note: you ARE allowed to read this blog. 🙂

Happy New Year 2015! [Updates & Stuff]

So, I’ve not made any videos in the last month or so, the reason being that it’s the Holidays and I just wanna have a quite time with my friends and family. That’s it. Well, no. I have more. It’s been a wonderful and crazy year. I dropped out of college, I worked for C4ETech, then started my own channel, and Continue reading

Oh, hello there!

Yeah, it’s been a little while. I just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. As you can probably tell from watching my videos, I’ve been quite busy with many things lately — which is a good thing! I’m constantly staying on top of my work and trying to balance everything in the process. Continue reading

Holy crap! New laptop and more new “gizmo” to play with! (Also boring updates about my life)

Alright guys, I bought a new laptop as some of you may know already if you follow me on Facebook. I got a laptop to take on some new things like writing blog posts, play some light games and also make some skype calls with my friends and family. So, the new laptop is more than an over kill for my use, but still, I got it because, I wanted to be future proof. If you want to see the specs of my laptop, there will be a new page on my blog with the title “Tech I use” or something similar. So, look out for it.

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Look who’s back moth*****ker!

Alright, I know I haven’t posted anything recently. wait, why am I even doing this? I know I only have like 5-6 people who even care to see my blog.

Anyway, the thing is, I got into an accident. I dislocated my pinkey. Got 2nd degree burns.

Still recovering from it. Just in case you’re wondering I was riding a Honda Activa. It was completely destroyed. I’m just happy that I came out in fairly good shape.

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A Childhood Incidence that changed the way I look at life

I have this weird habit, when I sit idle, I just start thinking about stuff and I start remembering some memories from my childhood. Today, while I was having my lunch, I remembered one my most important, but a little weird childhood memory/wish. When I was a kid, I never used to go out, or talk to anybody. I still don’t do that a lot. I used to spend a lot of time alone talking to myself about what happened at school and playing by myself in the garden.

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